About Us

Though brief, Nutri Medica owns a strong heritage of innovation that began in 1999 in Karachi when a group of one–of-a-kind people founded a pharmaceutical company that has changed the course of pharmaceutical history in Pakistan. Our journey through the history;
An inspiring tale of a handful of people who dreamt to create an organization with a loving spirit that comes from the heart & enriches all they touch, customers, their employees and of course the society.
Foundation laid for a company no one knew would make such waves that would topple reigning giants in such a small period of time.

Our Mission
1) Our mission is to be a global organization whose philosophy is characterized by a highly refined sense of ethics which is expressed tangibly through its dealings while upholding highest standards of integrity.
2) Be a leader in providing quality healthcare solutions and where patients’ wellbeing is viewed as the ultimate concern.
3) An organization that creates differentiation through pioneer ship in cause oriented marketing.
4) Takes care of its employees, recognizes merit through rewards on achievements.
5) Bears a progressive approach thereby encouraging initiatives, welcoming new ideas and always ready to move off the beaten track.
6) Respects the hands that help relief pain and suffering.
7) Embraces Information Technology as heart of the business and employs leading technologies to help achieve defined objectives.
8) Seeks to assure fair returns on investments through sustainability and growth.

Our Vision
Our dream is to build a healthier society by becoming a leading and socially responsible global company through innovative solutions.
Be considerate, honor the opinions of others & treat everybody the way you want to be treated.
Never compromise on persistent and unwavering honesty.
Keep seeking brilliance & encourage others to do so.
Let right conduct be our direction finder.
Live up to the confidence that is vested in you.

Our Commitment
To our customers and patients
We remain committed to bring innovative, quality medical treatment options to you to combat all kinds of ailments and improve quality of life so that you can contribute to your family and society in a better way.

To our employees
We are devoted to take good care of our employees like a family, recognize their contributions& reward them accordingly.

To our stakeholders
We are committed to assure fair returns on investments through sustainability and growth.

To our global partners
We are determined to ensure that our global partners view us as a quality organization and a dependable business partner.

To our society
We believe our society is our responsibility and we keep pushing scope of our effort to create new programs to help society reach its full potential.