Freedom from Cough                  Cough Syrup/Drops
British Herbal Medical Association (BHMA) recognized lvy Leaf extract in the management of cough

STAY Healty & Active
Excellent Efficiency

Cofrid is Expectorant & Bronchodilator
lvy Leaf based preparation are being used and trusted worldwide.
EMEa recommends lVy leaf based syrups as highly efficacious and safe.             Ref.EMEA 2010

lvy Leaf Extract
In a double blind rendomized multicenter, placebo controlled,prospective study, 361 patients suffering from acute bronchitis,it was abserved that the medication was well tolerated, no severe or serious adverse events accurred.      Ref.EMEa 2008

Cofrid works as both Expectorant & Bronchodilator
Cofird is safe & does not cause sedation
Cofrid is safe in both children & adults
Cofrid efficacy is well documented
Cofrid is economical as well
Cofrid has excellent taste
Cofrid is sugar free

Infants:   1/2    Teaspoon  
Children:  1      Teaspoon
Adults:    1,1/2  Teaspoon
or as advised by healthcare physiciann

Each 5ml Drop Contains
lvy Leaf Extract .....35mg

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